Vink Consulting engages in a diverse range of strategic and community planning, and social enterprise business planning.  We regularly apply a combination of human-centred design and system thinking to our service system and program development work.  We use a variety of design tools to assist communities and organizations in learning and creating new systems and services, such as visualizing client journeys, service system mapping, offering maps, service blueprints, personas, and facilitating hands-on, interactive workshops.

Our work in this area includes:

  • Community and organizational strategic plans
  • Housing and homelessness system planning and strategy development
  • Business plans


Laying a Foundation: Housing and Homelessness Research Report for Scarborough, Scarborough Housing Stabilization Planning Network (2016)

The Scarborough Housing Stabilization Planning Network (SHSPN) engaged Vink Consulting to conduct a research project to explore homelessness and housing insecurity in Scarborough. Through a review of existing literature and extensive primary research and community consultations, the report examined:

  • The demographic make-up of Scarborough and policies that impact housing issues in Scarborough
  • The nature of Scarborough’s homeless and at-risk populations, their experiences of homelessness and housing insecurity, barriers they face in finding and maintaining housing, as well as service gaps and needs
  • The services offered in Scarborough, service use patterns, networks and partnerships between services providers.

The study also identified priority actions for the community to address homelessness and housing security issues in Scarborough.

City of Iqaluit, System Approach to Addressing Homelessness in Iqaluit (2014)

Vink Consulting was retained by the City of Iqaluit to conduct a research study and homelessness systems planning exercise for the community of Iqaluit.  The project was initiated to determine how the community can more effectively use its limited resources to address homelessness.  The project took a systems approach to determining ways to more effectively address homelessness in Iqaluit.  This meant looking at community relevant strategies and approaches to provide structure so that service providers are working together to provide the right services to support the success of each client.  It used systems thinking to develop a shared understanding of the dynamics of homelessness in Iqaluit and established priorities and actions based on a common understanding of key gaps and leverage points that could make real improvements in the homelessness system.  The project involved consultations with individuals experiencing homelessness and extensive dialogue and consultation with community stakeholders throughout the process.  Consultation activities included surveys of community organizations and funders, interviews and meetings with individuals experiencing homelessness, community organizations and government, and stakeholder workshops.

FoodShare Toronto, Strategic Plan Content and Design (2016)

As the basis of its strategic plan, FoodShare Toronto had developed a theory of change for the organization and clarified its intended impact, as part of its participation in the Impact and Strategic Clarity module of Innoweave.  However, FoodShare required assistance in bringing this theory of change to life, and writing and designing its strategic plan.  This is where we came in.  Vink Consulting worked closely with Foodshare, to write and design strategic plan, and prepare a highly visual and clear language strategic plan.

FoodShare Toronto, FoodShare Academy Business Plan

Vink Consulting assisted FoodShare with planning its bold vision for experimentation with a new social enterprise at FoodShare Toronto.  This social enterprise will offer hands-on volunteering and team-building experiences to individuals and groups interested in good healthy food for all.  It will also offer a range of learning opportunities and tailored supports to help individuals and organizations build food-related capacities, knowledge and skills.  In collaboration with FoodShare management and staff, Vink Consulting prepared a busines plan outlining a vision for this social enterprise; describing each of the intended offerings; outlining the proposed business models; details on the prices and target segments for each offering; and financial considerations and projections. The plan also provides guidance and direction for how to make this social enterprise a reality, including management, implementation, and delivery.

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